Vibration is everything

Vibration is everything


This morning I was laid in my bed looking out to the trees listening to the beautiful melodic birdsong in the garden, when suddenly one man who was working outdoors on the neighbors land building a driveway suddenly shouted out to his colleague in his native tongue, it was in a harsh tone that even startled me, suddenly the birds shrieked and made for another safe haven in the distance. It was this small incident that inspired this article today as it got me thinking, everything we do or say carries a vibration to it, the way we walk, the way we talk, how we look at a person and how we interact, birds are some of the more sensitive beings here in this world and this was obviously seen as threatening behavior.


I recall another time in the forest in Finland, where I came into the homeland of many bird species, normally I am used to birds keeping their distance but due to me tuning in to the harmonious frequency of the forest and putting out benevolent intentions, when I offered a hand to the sky softly but filled with a bounty of sunflower seeds, these small yellow birds felt safe enough to approach and take from my hand the offerings. As I stayed still with a softened gaze not particularly focused upon the bird but more on the whole environment surrounding my hand and beyond to the forest the 4 or 5 birds that would take it in turn to feed from my palm, felt more and more trusting to stay a few seconds and munch on a few seeds. I noticed how light footed these beings are, like a fairy sitting in the palm of my hand. This went on until the threat of a crow was perceived and then they suddenly flew for cover, again the vibration of treat had been detected by these sensitive beings.


If these two incidents prove anything to me at least, is that whatever we think, utter, observe, our posture even, the way we act and react all give off particular vibrations from subtle (thoughts) to a more gross (actions). On a subtle level there are what is known as extra sensory perceptions (ESP) like telepathy and even clairvoyance.


If you are a hunter for example and putting out the predatory thoughts, it is not unthinkable that the so called prey if it is sensitive enough can pick up these vibrations in its nearby field and translate that as a threat. On the other side we have in many native indigenous tribal cultures the skill of tracking particularly animals, in that case trackers have been known to not only follow physical signs but also tune into their more subtle senses, and follow the psychic breadcrumbs left by an animal fearful and on the run.


So be conscious of even your thoughts, if you have ill intentions or even some unspoken tension with somebody over a matter, even though you may hold back from speech and action for whatever reason, it can most definitely be picked up in the field especially if there is already established some kind of relationship between you, whether romantic, friendship, work oriented or other.


Try being more mindful how you enter a room or approach somebody, are you too forceful in your approach or domineering or do you give off a vibration of “hello, I’m a doormat, please walk all over me”? This is Yin/Yang energy it works both ways. Do you constantly demand attention from people when you enter a room, perhaps through being the centre of conversation and are you aware when somebody needs that little bit extra space and time?


On the grosser levels lets say you are walking on the earth with big heavy boots, imagine the vibrations that are moving through the earth that can be felt by not on ants, worms, squirrels but also perhaps even bigger animals; foxes and bears. You might want to be heard in the case of bears, that you don’t suddenly disturb them on a forest hike and on the other hand if you tread lightly maybe you are with your bare feet on the earth, the earth receives you and you become one connected with the forest, perhaps even there is some communication that goes on through this medium between all the beings in the vicinity.


This vibration is not only carried through the earth element but also through air in the vibrations created from speech, the monks knew that the voice is a very powerful medium and used Mantra’s encoded with particular vibrations that evoked healing. There is also the medium of the water element, you only have to make one splash in a lake to see the ripple effect, a visual representation of these vibrations that I am referring to. Scientist Masaru Emoto of Japan Messages in Water had done many such experiments to prove this and has also written books, I recommend you check out his work.


In summary, everything in this Universe is interconnected, there is a oneness and in this cosmic serpent dance of Maya every thought, speech and action has a ripple effect outwards, so tread lightly, listen good, open your heart and send out good vibes to all! Know when your boundaries have been stepped over and gently make then clear or if it seems it will not be heard move on…..


Whenever you can take moments alone in nature to be reminded of the harmonious soft tones that were once common to our ancestors but in this modern age of man dominated progress driven society is to be found in the sanctuaries of nature and reserves but if you listen carefully also in city parks, back yards and rooftops.


Love, peace and harmony to all



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