The Eyes of the Goddess

The eyes of the Goddess


How beautiful …….

That one look in your eyes can soften my heart, ease my restless spirit, such a wild animal I have been all this time never to be tamed, but when I look in your eyes I see myself reflected it’s so deep, deeper than the deepest Ocean, a rich that no money can buy.


There is a deepening, a softening, a recognition, that this world does not revolve around me, there is more, you show me with just one soft feminine gaze, my heart feels warm, what’s this a tear forming, touched by sweet grace.


You have touched me deeper than I have known to be possible, these words do not explain how I feel, such joy, such love, such depth. To know and to be known by that part of you which was never apart from you!


If this doesn’t make sense, that’s because the English language is not one of the heart but of the mind, one look can show what a thousand words can not. In that look we see each other, we know, we have found a treasure more rich than a thousand galleon ships could carry!


A beautiful surrender is happening, with your gaze my ego is melting, please let it be so, such sweet surrender, knowing we are written in the script of this Universe, the one song of everything.


If this is just another illusion of the phenomenal world, then I am bitten by the serpent of Maya and I shall dance and drink it’s sweet wine with you my dear, join me and let us get drunk on this love, but let there be not intoxication only return to source.


I love you, me, us…..

Let there be no more you and me only Love

Today I looked in the eyes of the Goddess and she showed me the gift of Love

For this I am eternally grateful

by Paolo da Floresta



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