Fart Therapy – The unspoken trauma

Fart Therapy

The Unspoken Trauma


Some of may remember a time when perhaps at school as a young child in a class where everyone is working silently suddenly feeling a build up in your gastrointestinal tract, a force strong yet natural and with a will of it’s own, it only wants to go one way downward. You already know what is about to come, will it be silent and deadly? Can you act like it came from another student in your near vicinity? Or is it going off with a bang and will give you away immediately? Already you feel the embarrassment and giggles from your piers and the unimpressed look from the teacher at the front of the class.


The mind makes a quick evaluation and the best thing would be to hold it back, you can already feel your face blushing a rosie red, the heart beat is racing, it seems so much effort to keep this in, tightening your sphincter muscles you feel the lock has worked…. but the pressure still builds becomes uncomfortable you could almost pass out! Wow that worked, but perhaps next time you won’t be so lucky!


This my friends can be the beginning of an unhealthy habit, one of many because we feel it is not socially acceptable behaviour in public. Of course people don’t appreciate the noise disturbance with is often untimely and can be accompanied by an unpleasant to the senses aroma. But look at it another way, some people are just rotten, they feel it building up and purposely go out of their way to share their emissions with a sense of egotistical pride. This is indeed a rotten act and perhaps a reflection of the state of their gut flora.

Health File Flatulence

Back to the topic in hand, when gas is held in, it means it cannot be expelled from the body in the easiest and most efficient natural way. Since it has nowhere to go, it is absorbed by the intestinal wall and a quantity of that then blends with our blood. The blood will go through the lungs and can lead to halitosis (bad breath). It can also lead to negative effects on your internal organs , for example abdominal pain may be caused by holding back gas, stomache bloating and even constipation.


Farts are emissions of a mixture of the air swallowed during eating and the gases created by the breakdown of food. Some causes of this gas build up are also eating to quickly, so swallowing excessive air in the process, not chewing food thoroughly enough, not getting enough movement and exercise and stressful lifestyles. The toxicity of the smell is a good barometer of the current health of your gastrointestinal tract.

Also some food’s have a tendency to cause gas more than others, see the chart below.


Suggestions to prevent such chronic emissions would be, moderation in eating and drinking, be mindful of your eating speed, what’s the hurry! Also recommended, eating a sufficient amount of fibre from vegetables sources rather than consuming large quantities of meat or other food with a high concentration of fat or protein. Getting sufficient sleep, moderate exercise and reduce your stress levels.


One last word on this subject, don’t resist what the body needs, just let it go! If you have time, excuse yourself and leave the situation that your in that you can totally relax and let it out!

These are normal bodily functions and here for our benefit, the body is a miraculous creation and when left to it’s own devices knows what to do….

Hope this helps

Wish everyone clean functioning bodies and pure radiant health.

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