Where is the health ?

Where is the health ?


When I am asked the question “where is the health”?, I first think, “what makes me feel good?”

I think immediately to lifestyle choices, for example food.


When I sit down in a quiet place alone to eat and have taken the time to prepare with love the ingredients I notice my body has a feeling of gratitude that I have taken the time out to not only prepare but also eat in a sacred manner. My body can then do what it already knows how to do, break down, digest and assimilate the beneficial aspects of the food without focusing on another person’s chatter but solely focusing on enjoying the experience of feeding the body.


So just on the theme of food, I can say that shopping for the right unprocessed organic ingredients, calmly preparing this food in an unhurried manner with plenty of space for fantasy and creativity and finally allowing myself a place of peace to complete the ritual of consumption we are creating good health.


I also feel that the external environment can have a large influence on health especially if we are not centered in our body. A martial artist is often centered through discipline, focus and practice, but somebody who is anxious of the future, haunted by the past or just very easily distracted by external influences will be more sensitive and their health disturbed if the environment is more chaotic.


For example, places of health for me would be where I hear the soft sounds of nature; a flowing stream, birdsong and wind rustling through leaves in a forest whereas on the other side, chaotic hard sounds could be of; automobile engines, construction tools clanking and places of high population density with many conversations within earshot.


A place of health I would also consider to be effected by where and how we sleep. If we have electrical outlets by the head of the bed, this can interfere with the subtle communication in both the brain and the body during the resting period.


Sleeping in a quiet, safe and peaceful place and trying to keep in synchronization with the saradium rhythm of the earth, often sleeping just after dusk and awakening at dawn can help us to have a healthy state of being rather than being up late, infused with caffeine, late night computer screen glare and a lumpy mattress with city noise pollution.


And finally a place of health in the body I feel is one where you feel at ease, comfortable and without tension. There would be a sense of expansiveness rather than contraction, comfortable warmth but not extremes of either heat or chills, it would make us feel happy even joyful when we focus there. A place of health is an absence of disturbances and our birthright.


If you enjoyed this article and like to read more on the themes of wellness and positive lifestyle please take a look at my blog here: Natural high Life



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