Raw Vegan Halva

Raw Vegan



Today a quick and easy sweet treat from the Mediterranean.

Halva, rich in Calcium, Manganese, iron, Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin B.

Adored by many this Middle Eastern dessert made from primarily Sesame seeds and you don’t need too many more ingredients.



Sesame seeds (raw)
Vanilla extract
Dash of Himalayan sea salt

Pistachios may be added, Cacao powder,Cardamon or Cinnamon  sprinkled in, Coconut butter or Tahini are excellent additions to the recipe also.  Improvise with what you have in your kitchen and how your intuition guides you with taste.



Put the sesame seeds in a coffee grinder or dry high speed blender with no water. Blend/grind the seeds until it begins to breaks down the seeds, after few seconds they tend to release oil and your blender may get stuck.


Add this to a bowl, with high quality honey, himalayan salt, vanilla and cardamon powder, then mix well. Taste and see if you need more sweetness or more salt . After tasting check the consistency and if you take a sample and press between your fingers it should stick. Then use your fingers to press it to the bottom of a dish, normal thickness is around 2cm thick. Dust it with raw cacao powder or cinnamon.


Cool the Halva in the fridge before slicing and serving.

It’s good with Indian Chai.




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