♥ Heavenly Bliss Balls ♥

How to make


Bliss Balls



It’s the new sweet treat, well it’s been doing the rounds the last few years in the yoga, wellness and hippie communities.

It’s a healthier treat than traditional chocolate bars and candies, still high calorie though, but you can choose the ingredients so make them as healthy as you like, or not !!!

A great hiking snack or extra energy at dance parties.

Some call them Energy balls, cacao balls, chi balls, chocolate bombs, in and around Koh Phangan, Thailand you’ll fondly hear them being called Bliss Balls.


So how easy are they to make, pretty simple….. start with some nice fat medjool dates, almonds or similar nuts, even you can use the pulp from the fibrous leftover nut powder from the nut bag after making nut milks.

Then be creative just add what tickles your fancy.

There are so many variations, no limit to what tastes good.

Here’s a few recipes and alot of beautiful photographs to inspire and wet your taste buds.






♥ Peanut Balls ♥



1 cup of pitted dates
3/4 cup of Linseed, Sunflower, Almond (LSA) mix or Almond meal
3/4 cup desiccated coconut
1/2 cup peanut butter
Pinch of Himalayan salt to taste (if peanut butter is not salty already).

Makes approximately 12 regular sized bliss balls.

Vary ingredients according to the above ratio for more or less balls as desired, but of course you can also vary to taste. More dates will make it even richer/more caramel-like.



♥Soak dates for 30 minutes to hydrate them and make them a bit caramel-ly and help the balls to bind (do it for longer if you want them to be richer).
♥Add all ingredients in to a high speed blender  and whiz on low-medium until all ingredients are quite fine. This varies from blender to blender. I usually have to scrape down the sides of the blender a couple of times to ensure a good consistency.
♥ Roll in to balls with your hands (kids can help out!)
♥ Pop in to the fridge to harden them.

Will store well for a week or so, almost guaranteed not to last that long, too tempting…

♥ Choco Bliss Balls ♥



1 cup of raw cashews or almonds

1 cup of pitted dates

2  tbsp of raw cacao powder

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp of water



Mix the nuts in your food processor.

Add in the dates then mix well.

Add in the cacao and a pinch of salt.

Add in the water – more or less depending on the consistency. You need the balls to stick together, but still be able to roll them.

Roll them with the palm of your hands and keep in the fridge.

Options: you can add different nuts, goji berries, desiccated coconut, dried figs, roll them in cacao, coconut or chia seeds. The list of variations is endless.

♥ Energizer Bliss Balls ♥


Makes around 20 balls depending on size.


150g Medjool Dates (Approximately 18 dates)
1 tbs chia seeds
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup hazelnuts
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of Salt
2 tbs coconut oil – melted
2 tbs raw cacao powder
Chopped pistachios for coating (lightly toasted)

1. Process the nuts (except pistachios) in a food processor until chopped. Place in a big bowl.
2. Process the rest of the ingredients, and add into the bowl with the chopped nuts.
3. If the mixture is too dry add some more coconut oil.
4. Form mixture into balls and roll in the chopped pistachios to coat.
5. Place in the fridge for half an hour to firm up & enjoy!

♥ Spirulina Bliss Balls ♥


1 cup cashews
1/2 cup  pecans
1 cup pitted medjool dates, chopped
1/4-1/3 cup cacao powder (depending on how chocolatey you like it)
1 teaspoon Organic Spirulina
1/2 cup desiccated coconut

Start by grinding the cashews in a food processor. Add all the other ingredients, except the coconut, and blend until combined and the mixture sticks together. Scrape out of the blender into a bowl and roll the mixture into small balls. Roll in coconut and you’re good to go!

♥ Brazil Balls ♥


Acai, Coconut & Cashew Bliss Balls – makes about 15

•125g Medjool dates, pitted
•65g cashew nuts, soaked for a few hours
•65g desiccated coconut + extra
•1tbsp chia seeds
•2tbsp acai powder + extra
Acai Bliss Balls 2
1.Place the dates, drained cashews, 65g coconut, chia seeds and 2tbsp acai powder in a food processor and process until the mixture comes into a sticky ball.
2.Take a small amount of the mixture (about 1tsp) and roll it between your hands to form a ball. Then roll the ball into desiccated coconut or acai powder and set aside in a bowl. Repeat until all the dough has been used.
3.Place in the fridge for a couple of hours to harden. Enjoy!

Acai Bliss Balls

♥Cacao MatchaQi Balls♥



½ cup soft, pitted dates (make sure they are sticky)

1/2 cup raw alomnds

1/4 cup  unsweetened cacao powder

1 T matcha green tea powder + more for dusting

1 T unsweetened almond milk



  1. Add dates and almonds to a food processor and process until they come together into a sticky ball.
  2. Break up ball and add in cocoa powder, matcha powder and almond milk.
  3. Process until all ingredients have been combined and form into a large sticky ball again.
  4. Roll into 10 small balls and dust with more matcha powder.
  5. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or longer in freezer.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


♥ Bon Apetite & Namaste ♥



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